About Us

Dr Proactive is all about health. We believe that health is fundamental right of every human on this mother earth.

This blog is for everyone who wants to be healthy, live longer, and reduce their chances of having lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. You can always find useful tips for how you can change your lifestyle and live longer in total or partial health.

Dr Proactive helps you find the right treatment, and get well. We provide information on a wide range of topics related to lifestyle diseases, vitamins, and healthy eating. In our individual practice, we've helped thousands of people who suffer from lifestyle diseases improve their health and quality of life through our treatments and guidance.

Are you a person who has been struggling with illness, lifestyle diseases and diabetes? Are you an adult who is already suffering or trying to avoid the disease? Are you a parent or family member of someone who has already fallen ill with illness, lifestyle diseases? If any of the above apply to you, then it is very important for you to know about Dr Proactive. Being healthy should always be your priority and without proper knowledge, it can become difficult.

There are many ways to live a healthy life, such as getting enough exercise and consuming enough fruits and vegetables, but not everyone is aware of the various diseases that can affect them, such as diabetes. Other people may be unaware of the various lifestyle diseases they could possibly be facing or are currently suffering from. We at Dr Proactive aims to educate people on these topics in simple way for everyone to understand.